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What Claire Baked | Blackcurrant Crumble Muffins

What Claire Baked | Blackcurrant Crumble Muffins

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When I bought a pack of blackcurrants last week, I thought it’d be super fun because it’d be eating solid bits of Ribena. I was wrong… I didn’t really like them much, but instead of wasting them, I thought I’d whip them up into little muffins to see if i’d like them more like that. And surprise, surprise — I liked it more in cake form.

This recipe is adapted from the BBC Good Food website, and…

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Busted: 6 Myths About Acne

Busted: 6 Myths About Acne

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If you’re never had a pimple – congratulations, you are the luckiest person alive. But, on the other hand, you’ll know how frustrating it is to try to find treatments to get rid of. The numbers of skincare products that promise you clear skin are overwhelming, and for some bizarre reason, the harder you try to get rid of them, the redder and more painful these pesky buggers become.

I’ve never…

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One Wash Wonders


If I could do a smokey eye, I’d be rockin’ that shiz all day err day. But in reality, I’m just another makeup noob who loves a bit of a shimmery shadow. Over the years I’ve collected a couple of eyeshadows that are perfect for a quick make up look – something you just slap on your eyes and makes you look gorgeous instantly. They need minimal blending, and work wonderfully on its own. (more…)

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What Claire Bought | Kiehl’s Micro Blur Skin Perfector

What Claire Bought | Kiehl’s Micro Blur Skin Perfector


When I walked into Kiehl’s last week, I was only planning to repurchase my Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment (which, by the way, when the heck did is it 28g!? It’s freaking mahoosive!). But, alas, when do I ever stick to my plan when I go shopping? My eyes soared over to the new releases shelf and landed on the Micro Blur Skin Perfector. The sales assistant seized the opportunity, leapt over, and one…

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Thomas Müller during Germany vs USA (26.06.14)
Thomas Müller during Germany vs USA (26.06.14)

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THAT Zoeva Brush Set

THAT Zoeva Brush Set

Everyone and their mums have been talking about this brush set, and I was skeptical to try it at first, but you know me and hypes… I always fall for them, and most of the time I’m not disappoint – and this is no exception. This is the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush set.

DSCN0830 (more…)

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Reasons Why I'm Not Supporting Disney's Frozen


There has been a lot of debate circulating Tumblr lately about Disney’s upcoming film Frozen. A lot of this debate was sparked by the fact that the character design of the film’s heroine, Anna, is strikingly similar (read: identical) to that of Rapunzel in Tangled. Implications of lazy animation…

Truer words have never been spoken.